A. Yes we can repair all of the above by patching the carpet. The process for the repair includes cutting the affected area out and then replacing it with a spare piece of existing, matching carpet, which is fixed into place using the latest available equipment for best results. We also seal all cut edges to prevent any fraying.

A. It depends on the size of the repair and the shade of the carpet used for the repair. It is important to use existing, matching carpet from the property.

A. We can cut a piece of matching carpet (slightly bigger than the damaged area to allow for trimming) from the floor inside a wardrobe or closet (NOT a walk-in robe), or if necessary, from underneath a piece of furniture. 
If no spare matching carpet can be sourced, the repair cannot be done.

A. Carpet patterns are discontinued every 2 to 3 years and carpets are made in many dye lots. Using a brand new piece of carpet bought months to years after the original carpet will not match and therefore the repair will be as visible as the damage.

A. It will last for the life of your carpet.

A. We regularly repair carpet and/or vinyl flooring in rental properties.

A. Yes. Without the proper training and equipment, you risk injuring yourself or permanently damaging the carpet by trying to re-stretch it yourself.

A. For best results remove all furniture and small items including pot plants, books and toys from the room. It also helps if you vacuum ahead of time.

A. No. Moving furniture to allow for the repair is your responsibility, although we can sometimes help you move portable items like chairs, tables, lounge suites, and beds on casters. All care will be taken to assist you as able, however we are not responsible for any damages that may occur to your furniture or any other items while moving it.  We don’t move wall units, or anything with breakable items in or on it.

A. Yes. Always have the carpet REPAIR done BEFORE having the carpet professionally cleaned.

A. Usually we will be able to give you a set price or a price range over the phone / internet from the information you provide. 
If given an estimate only, the cost can be confirmed upon a site visit. When we arrive to look at your job we will provide you with a “no obligation” estimate before we start any work.

A. Yes. We take the time to discuss repair options with you and advise of any concerns before proceeding with the repair to ensure your satisfaction with the result.