Carpet Repairs

Carpet damage caused by IRON BURNS, CIGARETTE BURNS, POT PLANT STAINS, PET DAMAGE, PULLED THREADS, TEARS, RIPS and FRAYING of worn carpet generally requires repair by replacing the damaged area with a patch of matching carpet. If a piece of matching carpet is not available, it may sometimes be taken from the floor inside a built-in wardrobe or from under a piece of furniture. 

REMEMBER: If having your carpet professionally cleaned, it is advisable to have any REPAIR WORK done FIRST!


Carpet patching and repair is an art requiring a great amount of expertise, skill and patience to achieve the most invisible result possible. It requires a spare piece of matching existing carpet, assessment of the carpet pattern, placing the direction of the fibres in the patch in perfect alignment with the surrounding carpet, sealing all cut edges to prevent fraying and fixing the patch in place using the latest equipment.

We do not glue patches like other repairers but use state of the art Hi-tech equipment imported from America, allowing the patch to be as small as possible with maximum bonding to ensure the best possible results.

Vinyl patching also requires a spare matching piece of vinyl, large enough to incorporate a pattern match.

Split Seams/Joins

Split seams in hallways and rooms can sometimes be repaired by lifting, trimming, re-stretching and placing new bonding material under the join but if the carpet is too worn, a patch may be required.

Joining carpet in doorways or to tile edges may require lifting, trimming and re-stretching on to gripper rods underneath and/or placing a cover strip over the top of the join.

Available repair options will be discussed with you prior to any work being carried out.

Carpet Burn Repairs

Iron burns and cigarette burns are the most common types of carpet burns requiring professional repair by patching.

Pet Damage

Usually caused by dogs or cats scratching in the doorway trying to get out having been left alone locked in a room.

Thread Pulls

Sometimes simply trimming the threads can be enough but generally they require sealing to prevent further fraying and may even require a patch if the threads pulled have caused a split in the carpet.

Carpet Stains

Small stains caused by pets, pot plants, bleach, red wine or other spillages may affect the underlay causing mould or odours as well as damaging the visible carpet and may need repair by cutting out the affected area, replacing the underlay and patching the carpet as described above.

Stair Carpet Repair

Loose stair carpet can sometimes be repaired by refitting the carpet back onto the carpet gripper rod underneath or by direct stick down. In other cases the carpet may need to be lifted completely and refitted, in order to leave the stair carpet repair in a safe condition.

Individual treads that have worn or damaged carpet can be replaced without having to replace the carpet on the entire flight of stairs, thereby extending the life of the carpet. This type of repair does require some spare matching exisitng carpet.

Carpet Tears Or Rips

When a small tear becomes a big problem, it can be fixed by carpet restoration.  

Carpet tears caused by pets, moving furniture or ripples in the flooring weakening and breaking cause a health and safety trip hazard and are best repaired by a professional.

Carpet repairs such as these can be an economical way to revitalise worn carpet, saving you precious time and money with unecessary lifting, removal and replacement of floor coverings.